Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday's Happenings

The kids definitely kept me hopping yesterday. I think they were conspiring against me - as soon as I was preoccupied with one of them, the other would strike! Here are the two most memorable events:
  • Daughter threw toys, so was in time-out. Her time had just ended, and I was talking to her about her behavior. Suddenly, I heard the blender! Our son stole my container of yogurt (sitting on the counter, as I was trying to eat my breakfast!) and two clementines to make his own smoothie. Creative, yes. Tasty, no. Really should have peeled the clementines first. (And I can't believe he figured out how to turn on the blender! It's a two step process, so I thought I was safe. Guess I won't be leaving that plugged in anymore)
  • Son had set up an elaborate train layout in the living room, and was very unhappy that it was time to put it away. As we were discussing this, our daughter meandered to the kitchen table. Now earlier in the afternoon, our neighbor brought over some Scotch bonnet peppers for my hubby. Little girl managed to split them open, and when I realized what was going on I yelled, "No!" Well, this led to crying. Which led to eye rubbing. Which led to approximately one hour of scream crying.

Man, I'm hoping today is nice and dull!!