Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's my Goal?

After my not-so-great Monday, I decided it was time to reread Creative Correction by Lisa Whelchel. I purchased this book when our son was just a few months old - I read it in bits and pieces while nursing him. I found it encouraging, easy to read, full of scripture and very practical. But frankly I wouldn't be dealing with most of those issues for a few years. So I read it and stashed it on my bookshelf. Had pulled it out a couple times to browse a particular chapter. But now I'm reading the whole thing. Let me share a passage that really touched me yesterday:

When it comes to having misplaced priorities, I'm definitely guilty! Much of the time, my goal in parenting is simply to have well-behaved children - not for some higher, godly purpose, but for my own peace and quiet. My life is so much simpler and more enjoyable when the kiddos obey me without arguing and when they get along with each other. As a result, I'm quick to correct them, sometimes in anger, when my comfort is disturbed, without considering how I'm modeling God to them...

It's vital that we step away from the pandemonium of parenting from time to time and remind ourselves of the true goal - to have kids who are drawing an accurate picture of God in their hearts and learning how to relate to Him as their creator each day.

Modeling God to our kids is a tall order, In fact, I would be the first to admit that my representation of God is imperfect. But that's the nature of a reflection. It's backward in a mirror, upside-down in a spoon, blurry in a window, and always one-dimensional. Though we should strive to be godly, we can never perfectly reflect God. Instead, our goal should be to ensure that our reflection of God draws our children closer to Him - and that it makes them long to touch the real thing.



Jenn said...

Love that book! Great wisdom and things to use now and later!

Don't get too hard on yourself - we all have bad days, weeks, months! They seem to serve as reminders that we REALLY need the Lord even though we are pretty self-sufficient most of the time.

Moggy said...

I sometimes forget that I need to model God and like you said, I think of my own comfort level. I'm going to try to remember that.

Deanne said...

Ok, I'm totally convicted! Most of the time when I get angry at my kids it is b/c they are disturbing my comfort. I need to focus more on how to raise these kiddos to love the Lord. But man it's tough!

I love what you said about how our reflections are imperfect. The illustration was great!

Trish D said...


Much as I would love to take credit for those beautifully written words, they're straight from Lisa Whelchel (in her book Creative Correction).

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Need to get this book!

I once said to DearHubby about discipline, "blah blah it would be easier on me..." DearHubby took my comment out of context and in response he said "Discipline should not be about your convenience..." Again, although my comment was taken out of context, my husband's response has always stuck with me...He was echoing Ms. Welchel's point about drawing our children closer to God as our purpose in raising them.

Thanks for sharing :)