Thursday, September 20, 2007

Date Night and Future Plans

Hubby and I had another date night last evening - this is our third such outing in three months, and it's been so wonderful to be able to just spend time talking without the kids around (and not have to wait until they're asleep, either, when I'm barely keeping my eyes open!) We had Chinese (well, Amerinese) and played mini golf. We had lots of fun, and I even had a couple holes at par! (I'm generally one of those that has a decent first putt, but then takes 4-5 strokes to actually get it into the hole). How lovely that after 11 years of marriage we can still be silly together.

The other MOPS steering team members are leaving for convention today. And while I still wish I were going, there's also a part of me that's quite relieved, as it's one less thing to do. Instead, we'll be taking a mini family vacation and are renting a cabin at a nearby state park. It has over twenty miles of bike trails, so we're planning to explore those a bit. Plus there is a lake, playground, and even a shooting range for hubby. And of course we'll be eating over the campfire. But mama is happy that we'll have a stove inside as back-up. And of course the all-important bathroom. We'd like to do some real camping - involving a tent - next year, but I do think the kids will love the cabin. Now I just need to finalize our meal plan and do the grocery shopping!


Jenn said...

We do miss you! Next year, maybe i'll get to give you a BIG hug. Dallas, beginning of October - plan for it NOW!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

What a nice evening and good break! We need to learn from your family's example...For the past 2 years the word "date" and "vacation" hasn't been in our vocabulary...What do they mean again?