Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh, Happy Day!

My hubby took a half day off work yesterday, and we had a little family outing. We headed to Cabela's, which is a large sporting goods store. They have a lot of animals on display, so we figured the kids would enjoy it. We started out a bit later than planned, but still had a great day. Lunch at Cracker Barrel (where we also bought each of the kids a small toy, as we forgot to bring along any sort of activities for the two hour ride), then on to the ginormous hunting - camping - fishing wonderland. Their largest display is of white-tail deer, and we were wandering about, pointing out the smaller animals and just generally having fun. That was fine and dandy until we got to the mechanized man. Push a button, and an "old-timer" will tell you about hunting. Well, our daughter wanted no part of that! She totally freaked out, and didn't want to be within 20 feet of the thing (in fact, someone turned it on as we were leaving that area, and she started crying again when she heard the voice). OK, so we'll avoid that area...

We continue strolling, and she really likes the African animals and the "big bear" (Kodiak). We head upstairs to the camping area, and they have a large electronic shooting gallery. Daddy decides to spend a buck to try it out with his son. Well, our little boy didn't quite get the gist of aiming, and just shot at the ceiling (he liked the pinging noise). Daddy took over, and was quite excited to win a free round. About that time, a large deer starts chatting and our daughter loses it again. At that point, we headed to the toy department, where I figured she could calm down with some nice stuffed animals. Daddy and brother caught up then, and we did just a bit more shopping. Our big purchase was a very nice cast iron double roaster for campfire pies. Buttered bread plus pie filling equals yummy evenings with our little fire pit in the back yard! We're also going away in a week and a half (we'll be staying at a cabin in a nearby state park), and figured grilled pizza pies would be a fun dinner one evening.

Anyway, we headed for home, but ended up stopping and having a late dinner with hubby's sister. The kids then fell asleep with in minutes of hitting the road, and slept very soundly. They're both a bit whiny this morning, so I'm thinking I may declare family nap time this afternoon. And our son is already wanting to know when we're going back to "Bellas." All I can say is I hope his sister has warmed up to the idea of animatronic figures by then!!

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