Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Bonus Humor

These kids continue to crack me up! Our son had a "bleed" under his nose (mild allergies lead to lots of nose wiping!) and he decided he needed a bandage. While I was distracted (changing sister's diaper), he climbed up into the cabinet and got one for himself. Yes, I was ticked off, but I had a very hard time containing the snorts of laughter that were welling up when I saw the results of his doctoring.

Of course now he doesn't want to take it off - and I really need to run out for some groceries. But there's no way I'm taking him out with this ludicrous strip plastered across his face and his sister's smattering of purple blotches (which thankfully are healing pretty quickly).


Jenn said...

You know every other mom you saw would have totally understood! This is life as normal.

Love the new photo. Are you still liking your hair?

Trish D said...

Yes, I'm liking the hair - but I'm not very happy with the product I used to color it earlier this week. The red is very uneven. Will be redoing it next week (using something with ammonia!)

FlipFlop Mom said...

HA!! I would have thought he was ADORABLE.. and I would have say.. 'way to go mom'.. LOL LOL.. I LOVE LARRY!!!