Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Funny

Today's humor is courtesy of the pianist from our church worship team. This is the actual email (names removed) that he sent out last week announcing that their new baby had arrived:

Hey Everyone! Well, she decided not to wait til the 22nd. She walked the halls of the hospital, doing little bobs and bounces and bearing the pain to get the baby to come out. After about 9 hours of extreme heavenly least I THOUGHT it was heavenly. She seemed like she was praying...or yelling, not sure. I WAS going to say things like,"Oh suck it's not that bad!" Or "hey...I'm ready to have bout you?" oh and the best comment..."Just do your deep breathing exercises and it will go away." Also, she did the entire thing totally drug free. It just happened that way. My personal policy is: The wife may or may not be given drugs--depends on the mother. The father, however, can have anything he wants. I asked for vicodin...they said no. I just didn't say a thing! Baby came at 4:12 AM and...oh yes...4:12 AM for those who were all snuggly wuggly in their beds!

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