Monday, October 29, 2007


So my hubby had today off of work. We had originally planned to have a little family excursion somewhere. But it was not to be. A couple weeks ago he announced that the clutch in his car was in baaaad shape. We got the parts, but he was unable to find a block of time in which to actually install it. The latest plan was to do it this past Saturday - but it was pouring rain. Not a good time to lay under a car. So it was pushed back to today. The bad thing about that is that the only help he had was ME. As he's trying to maneuver the transmision back into position, the only advice I could offer (while peering down into the void next to the engine) was that "the flared part is getting hung up on that bracket that's sticking out." Not exactly helpful instructions when he's trying to finagle 120+ pounds back into place. But he managed to get it done in spite of me... Hooray for handy husbands! Anyway, thought I'd share our latest "vacation" photo :)

In other news, we had our big MOPS fundraiser over the weekend, too: Antiquities. We had nearly 140 sittings, so hopefully our group is now set for the next two years. Whooopeee!

And finally, a bonus funny for today. Our son has been exceptionally tired the past couple weeks, so has had a few night-time accidents. Well, I was stripping all the beds today, and decided it was time to wash our mattress pad, too. As I was bringing it all downstairs, he was sitting on the floor playing cars and noticed what I was doing. His question to me: "Who had the accident - you or Daddy?"

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Jenn said...

Yeah on the fundraiser, boo on the car and the rain! But, thank the lord for men who know how to save some money on car repairs!

So who did have the accident? :)