Saturday, October 6, 2007

Those Crazy Kids

I was just cleaning off the camera's memory card, and came across this shot that I meant to share.

Last week, I had gone out in the evening to get groceries. When I came home, my hubby told me that I needed to check the kids - and take the camera along. Now the last time he said something like this, they had emptied their dressers AND toy box into one enormous heap in the center of our room. I was NOT amused. Anyway, I guess my hubby could tell from my sigh of resignation that I was not looking forward to trudging up the steps, so he assured me that this time it was something cute.

So this is what I found. They had been playing, and evidently just got tired and D decided he wanted to stay with his sister. Awwwww... These two kids continually crack me up - having serious arguments over a toy one minute, but then happily playing the next. And they really do love one another. Here's hoping that they can continue to get over disagreements so quickly for a looooooong time!!

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

They are just TOOOOOO CUTE!!!