Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Miscellaneous Ramblings

First off today is my hubby's 35th birthday. Happy birthday, hon! This picture was taken just a few years ago :)

Secondly, my MIL will be arriving in a few short hours. There's quite a bit more I wanted to get done - so why am I on the computer?!?

And the most exciting news of all: we did the poopy dance yesterday! Yes, our daughter is making progress in the potty training area. This is particularly thrilling to me as her brother was about 3 years, 9 months when we finally hit that milestone... and she won't be three until January. Removing diapers from the grocery list will be the ultimate thrill!!


jacki j. said...

Trish, your boy looks just like his dad! Tell him "Happy Birthday"!...enjoy 35... it's all downhill after that! lol

Jenn said...

If it weren't for the clothes, I'd say that was your son!

With you on the diapers. We're buying diapers for two and pull-ups for night for one! While I'm looking forward to that not being in the budget, I know the money will just go to more food as they grow!

Jeff & Meg said...

Wow! I thought that was little D at first. Good luck with the potty training! We are working on that now too.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Yippee on the potty training! Way to go Little A!!!

Happy 35th Big D!!!