Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

So did you all have a wonderful holiday? Ours was pretty quiet - my hubby was off for the week (needing to use up vacation time) so we took care of some things around the house and frankly just enjoyed some down time. Things have been going nonstop for the past several weeks, so we chose not to have anyone over or go anywhere. In fact, our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of meatball sandwiches. Don't worry, we had green bean casserole and olives to go with it :) And I actually did cook up a turkey on Saturday, so the freezer is now stocked with leftovers. So what else did we do? Read on! (And don't forget you can click on the picture for a larger view)

October was unseasonably warm, so the fall colors arrived later than usual. Aren't they beautiful? Of course changing leaves = falling leaves. I'm thinking that raking will be on the agenda for the coming weekend...

I am now concerned about our daughter's parenting skills, as I found her baby doll safely tucked in with a bottle. And an ice cream cone. :)

Hubby cleaned the garage - and had some pint sized help. Ty Pennington watch out!

Finished redoing one of the kitchen chairs. They're lovely but were getting quite rickety, so hubby sanded, stained, and tightened everything up and then I did the seat. Not too shabby for my first upholstery job!

And welcome to the "House of Wax!" A friend came over on Friday, and we cranked out all sorts of interesting creations (including a frog and a batch of orange candles that seriously smelled like Pledge). The kids had fun helping sort colors, and we now have some festive candles to burn over the holidays.

So that pretty much sums up the past week or so. I was also busy packaging up stamps as I posted a big sale list on a couple chat boards as part of my ongoing efforts to clean up. I sorted through more kids' clothes and passed on several bags worth to other families. We also had a bit of excitement last evening when our daughter decided to flush half a roll of toilet paper. Ah, the little joys of parenting...

This week's plan includes a bit more cleaning/organizing, and then we'll probably get the Christmas stuff out on Saturday. I'll be up at the church Friday evening helping to deck those halls, so I'm sure that will put me in the mood!!

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

Sounds like you had a peaceful and restful Thanksgiving. So did we!