Friday, October 24, 2008

A Last Minute Funny

I just finished tucking our son into bed - as he's the oldest, he gets to stay up later than his sister. One reason we do this is so that we have a bit of time with each of them individually.

Tonight, I was reading him a story and he was playing with my hair. Nothing unusual there - he's always loved playing with my hair. As I neared the end of the story, though, I became aware that he wasn't just doing his normal thing, but was methodically working through, a section at a time. When I asked him what he was doing, he replied, "I'm looking for the white ones. I know you've got 'em!" (he stated this very emphatically, complete with hand motions for emphasis)

How lovely to have my aging process discussed as part of the bedtime routine! :)

And I've been meaning to share this one for a couple weeks now: if you *really* need a humor break, then click over here for some all-out belly laughs. She starts off by talking about a speaking engagement, and then shares little incident in which she was, well, humbled by her children. There are also some hysterical stories in the comments...
(BTW, if you have never been over to this blog before, then you need a find a hunk of time one day to read the incredible story. It's written by Angie Smith, wife to Selah member Todd Smith. They've endured some very difficult things this past year, and she shares the story with such honesty and amazing faith. Grab a box of tissues, and prepare to be blessed)

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Shay said...

LOL! What a charming young man, hahaha