Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday Catch-Up

Well, dinner last night was pretty good - a bit bland, though, so I'll definitely be adding more seasoning next time around (garlic, onion and sesame oil) I did forget to mention my other excitement of the day: my first call from the school nurse. Yep, I had to go pick D up since he'd complained to the teacher that his eyes were itchy. They were suspiciously red, but no major goo. Call to the pediatrician, then a trip to the pharmacy, and I now have the distinct pleasure of holding my kid down while I try to get two drops of medicine in each eye...

Went to the consignment sale this morning; the one I usually go to in the spring & fall merged with another one, so I was thinking it would be bigger and better. WRONG! It was cramped, poorly organized, and I was really disappointed in the selection. I was hoping to finish up Christmas shopping for the kids, but didn't find anything even remotely close to what I was looking for. I did manage to snag a couple long-sleeved dresses for A, but that was about it.

D is off on Monday for Columbus Day, so we're heading up to visit hubby's sister. They just happen to live about 2 blocks from The Crayola Factory, so we're planning to spend the afternoon there. I'm sure we'll have some pictures to share :)

Things are coming together for our church's Fall Fest next Saturday, but there are a number of things that can't be done until the day before. Just praying for sunshine and a good turnout!

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Shay said...

We decided to skip E's game on Saturday and head up to the camper on Friday night for one last long wknd -- so I didn't make it to the sale. Doesn't sound like I missed anything!
Hope D's eyes clear up quick, tis the season I guess.