Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dreaming in Color

Yes, I'm starting to think about colors. This house is done with mostly yellows (hubby's least favorite color) and punches of orangey-rust (my least favorite color). Needless to say, we'd like to move away from the tropical palette and make it "ours."

This morning after dropping D off at school, I picked up a pumpkin spice latte then headed to Home Depot to buy weed killer. I do lead a glamous life, don't I? :) While I was there, I just had to browse the paint section. Selecting paint colors takes some time, as I don't particularly enjoy the actual painting process, so want to make sure that we'll be happy with the color. So now I'm looking at the paint chips* in the sunlight, and will be evaluating the evening version. Now I just need to wait for a good paint sale.

And hooray for neutral berber! :)

*Home Depot has a new line with the primer and paint in 1 - not sure about the paint itself, but I do love the super-sized samples, and they even provide the clip ring right there. Thought that was a nice little feature - inexpensive but definitely handy for the consumer.

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Jeff and Meg said...

Fun! I love picking out paint colors.