Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So much happening...

Man, there are so many thoughts tumbling through my mind that I don't even know where to start. I'll start with what I'm most excited about - finally making some FRIENDS!! Let me tell you, those people that we can laugh, share stories, and cry with are sooooooo dear - and not having any of those particular confidantes around really starts to wear a person down. In my perfect world, I was thinking that we'd find a church quickly, and I'd immediately be surrounded by godly women who couldn't wait to get to know me (OK, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a *bit*). We're still searching. My next plan was to find some moms through our son's school. Well, that's not happening with the drop-off and pick-up schedule. (I'm still hopeful that I'll connect with a few people through PTO meetings, volunteering, etc.) And while I've had brief conversations with a few different people, there was no immediate bonding. And then of course there's the issue that I can't actually communicate with a good portion of the population here simply because I don't speak Spanish.

Anyway, my next strategy was to attend the preschool program at the library with our daughter. That started yesterday morning. And yes, I finally connected with someone!! God totally had His hand on this whole meeting, let me tell you. It turns out that she and her family just moved down here in March. She's from Philly suburbia (on the other side of the city, though) - too funny! She lives at the other end of our street - roughly a 5 minute walk (I've never had a good friend that close!). We laughed over the fact that we both talk too fast for "around here," and that we were both wearing Mary Jane Crocs. As she was talking about her frustration with making friends, it was as though she was peering into my heart. Her oldest daughter is 1 year younger than A, and the 2 of them hit it off immediately. Hooray!!

And more good news this morning when I attended MOPS. The charter church is huge so I was fully expecting a big group where it might be hard to get to know the other ladies. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the group was just over 20 women - a great size! Met several more ladies that I can envision becoming good friends, plus was invited to 2 different get-togethers next week. Considering that my only outings to this point have involved purchasing groceries, I am seriously excited.

Not all is shiny and happy, though. As I mentioned earlier, we have not yet found a church to call home. Hubby and I have been praying a lot about that situation, and are trying not to become discouraged. We're going back to 1 church for a second round on Sunday (as their main pastor was not there the 1st time we visited) and we're cautiously optimistic. This process is not only difficult for us, but for the kids, and we'd really like to be settled somewhere by the end of the month. In other news, our son is still having a rough time at school. He's not wreaking havoc in the classroom or anything, but is continually coming home with warnings for not listening and not staying in his seat. I've already spoken with his teacher twice on the phone and may be headed in next week for a face-to-face meeting. I know God is at work even in this, and I can see she truly has a heart to help D succeed. Still more prayers being offered up!

There are many more things spinning through my head, but I'm now off to cuddle with my hubby on the couch and watch America's Got Talent. I will say that I have some fabulous pictures on the camera that I'm hoping to share before the week is out... And finally, here is a great passage from the Psalms that I "happened" upon earlier today. A familiar selection, but this translation made me think about it in a new way:

If I'm sleepless at midnight, I spend the hours in grateful reflection.
Because You've always stood up for me, I'm free to run and play.
I hold on to You for dear life, and You hold me steady as a post.
Psalm 63:6-8 (The Message)

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Shay said...

Glad to hear that you are adjusting to life in TX. :) Hopefully D will adjust soon as well!