Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Madness

Well, I obviously didn't get those pics posted last week as I had intended, but here they are for your viewing pleasure. First off, there is our darling daughter whose fashion sense makes Lady Gaga seem quite mundane. Next is our son proudly sitting by his specially designed shoe box - creating by suspending a storage bin on a bungee cord. I'm thinking there's HUGE potential for the infomercial market...

The next pic is of our newest pool toys - promotional Motorola beepers! Yes, I dug through my box of childhood fun and have officially passed the majority on to the kiddos. These little beauties are from the late 80s, and my Dad worked for a company that sold this cutting-edge technology. Not quite sure why I decided to hold onto them, but D & A sure had fun playing with them! My daughter and I were both excited when I pulled the Barbies out, and she loooooves the interesting attire (see photo 1!); I am, however, saving the uber-cool table and dishes until she's older. The last photo is a random sampling of my treasures: kewpie doll that I received from my grandparents (that neither kid will go near because of its "scary" eyes), accompanied by a whopper sponge, play phone complete with working rotary dial (the kids were baffled! Too bad I don't have the other piece), sunglass keychain (I used this for my house key when I was in jr. high), plastic giraffe with a green hat, scary clown applique, fun spinning whistle and chinese yo-yo. Ah, the joys of youth!

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Jeff and Meg said...

Your kids are hilarious! And that barbie furniture is very fancy!!!