Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beach Fun

This past Saturday, the temps were cooler (the high was only 80) and we decided to head off to South Padre for some fun. What we didn't think about was the fact that since it was so "cold," we'd pretty much have the entire place to ourselves. That is, unless, we stayed in town - it was Biker Week ("Roar By The Shore"). The kids enjoyed seeing all the bikes as we drove through, but had waaay more fun playing in the water...

Gratuitous beach shot Building Sand Castles Love this shot Water Fun Good times Shell Hunting Look, I'm actually in a picture Playing in the sand while the seagulls swarmed Kite Flying


Ivymamma said...

Beautiful pics!!!

I love how cooler - 80 - means wear pants and not swim suits! We adapt so quickly, don't we!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Fun fun fun!