Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

Just catching up on some of this past weekend's happenings. On Saturday night, there was a Halloween family fun night at the library, complete with games, plastic prizes, and candy. Can't go wrong with that! Now on a side note, I must say that Halloween is a *much* quieter event down here. Back in PA, our neighborhood was all decked out with fake graveyards, shrieking door ornaments and the like. Here, well, I think I've seen 1 house with some orange lights in a tree. Now I'm definitely not complaining about that, because I really hate the spectacle that Halloween has become... on the other hand, I do love to dress up :) Anyway, when we arrived at the library I was surprised to see that many of the kiddos weren't dressed up - and the only adults with costumes were the library staff. Let's just say I stood out in my outfit (80s chick complete with teased hair, pink and blue eyeshadow, pegged jeans, etc) and hubby very quickly shoved his "Chachi" bandana in his pocket. Anyway, enough of the rambling and on with kid cuteness:
One of the games Making slime

Our son had no school on Monday, and hubby had taken the day off as well, so we decided to go off on a little adventure. We had originally thought about camping, but Monday's forecast was rainy so we settled for a long day trip on Sunday and drove to Falcon Lake for some outdoor fun. Did a bit of fishing although we didn't catch anything. The kids splashed around. I read a novel (bliss!). We all watched the butterflies and dragonflies - I have NEVER seen so many in one place; it seriously was like the landscape was alive. Definitely an unexpected treat! We met up with some friends for part of the afternoon - they have a boat, so the kids were thrilled to zoom around on the water. And we dined under an amazing sunset sky before heading home.
Getting ready to fish Boat Fun More Lake Loveliness Simply Gorgeous


Jeff and Meg said...

What?! No picture of the pink and blue eyeshadow :(

The lake looks beautiful! And I also like the sound of minimal Halloween tackiness!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

What a great family day and it's so neat that you have friends to spend the day with :)