Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good times, good times...

Music. It is truly an integral part of life for me. I grew up surrounded by music (even if it wasn't always the style I personally preferred - hi, Mom! :) and even now, virtually every waking moment has a soundtrack provided by my iPod, car radio, humming, kids singing, etc.

When we moved, we determined that a couple things simply weren't worth bringing along -namely my hubby's amp (cobbled together with a speaker he'd had since college and the MDF from our former entertainment center) and my piano. The piano was a tough call as my hubby had bought it for me as a Christmas/birthday gift the first year we'd bought our house. We had purchased it used, and after 12 years it needed some work (= money). After much debate, we decided to pass it along to someone else and invest in an electronic one once we moved here.

Now I had 8 years of piano lessons, but to say I'm rusty is a serious understatement; sitting down to play was pretty far down on the priority list. We've been in this house for over 2 months now, and I'm surprised by how much I miss the piano. Occasionally plunking out a simple tune. Grabbing the VeggieTales songbook to have a little sing-along with the kiddos...

Anyway, we'd set aside some $ toward our musical purchase, and last week we got our weekly email from Musician's Friend with the usual announcements of sale items. The big news, though, was that for 3 days there would be no additional shipping costs on oversize items. The time had come!! The big brown truck arrived last night bearing 4 boxes: my piano, the stand, hubby's amp, and 1 other box that contained a half-size guitar for the kiddos as well as some other fun stuff we're saving for Christmas. Hooray!!!!!!

It's not fancy, but I cannot even tell you how thrilled I am - and I was surprised at how excited the kids were, too. And hubby is loving his new amp - his fingertips are sore from plucking away last night, but he's not complaining.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is the first performance by little Miss D :)

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

How does the electronic piano feel? I have one that I bought in college and I don't like the feel of it because whether you push on it soft or hard, the key still sounds the same, therefore, making it difficult to add expression to a piece.

Is A taking lessons?