Saturday, October 3, 2009

Etsy Love

As we've settled into this house, the bare walls have irritated me. Larger house means more space to fill, and I wanted to find some good stuff. Off to etsy! I purchased the fabulous coffee print from Life Verse Designs, and it now hangs in my kitchen, adjacent to the dining area. The next two pics are from Cherie Lester Photography, and they're by the table (opposite the door you see in the background on the first photo).

I also wanted to address the empty space under the built-in cooktop. The folks at Vinyl Lettering were great to work with, and created this custom sized scrollymabobber (yes, that's a technical term). Won't it look great?!

Well, I'm sure it would if the cabinets had been properly primed and painted... Let's just say I'm really thankful that it was another shade of white paint under there.

On a side note - we're hoping to revamp the kitchen in about 2 years. It's not a great layout, and we'd like to knock out a wall and open it up into the dining area. Plus I can then replace the badly painted cabinets (complete with their faux aging that simply makes them look dirty...)

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Bonnie said...

I LOVE the scroll! That is awesome and it just looks perfect there!