Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Aftermath

Well, we've made it through three rounds of family celebration! The kids had a ball, and of course have already started fighting over "stuff." Sigh. Need to go through their room again and pass on some of their outgrown treasures. The kids particularly enjoyed our Christmas Eve candlelight service (they got glowsticks rather than candles!). They brought all the kids up on the platform to listen to the Christmas story, and our daughter was listening quite nicely when she suddenly felt the need to reassure me and started waving and yelling, "I'm up here, Mom!" They really are starting to understand what it's all about, though, which is great to see. Nothing quite as cute as last year, though, when D would wave and say, "Hi Jesus!" every time he saw a nativity scene.

I ran out this morning for about 45 minutes and managed to spend $101.42. Bought an artificial tree, new tree skirt, bows, and a very pretty topiary thingee that will look great on the piano. I'm going to be going through our Christmas boxes and getting rid of some of the older, dilapidated decorations. It's definitely time to retire some of the stuff I bought in college!!

Anyway, hope you had a wonderful time of celebration with your friends and family. Talk to you all next year!


In Pursuit of His Call said...

Did you get the tree you wanted?

Your kiddos are too cute!

You know, Little C is only 5 months old and Little G has far outgrown Little C's toys, but it is so funny how she wants the gifts Little C got for Christmas. And then, Little C already squeals and cries out when Little G snags a toy away from her. The joys of sibling rivalry is already beginning :}

In Pursuit of His Call said...

PS - I must add that Little D got a really cool looking bike...I need to show that picture to DearHubby and make him jealous...Is he riding it despite the cold? Oh, and was that his big gift from mommy and daddy? If so, very cool!!! Bet he can't wait to get those training wheels off and be like a BIG BOY!