Monday, December 10, 2007

It's my birthday - but the gift is for you!

Well, two weeks from today I'll be turning 34. Where has the time gone? I can vividly recall times as a child, whining how s-l-o-w-l-y the days passed and desperately wanting to be older. But now I'm one of those old people :)

For those of you who don't know, my birthday is Christmas Eve. So birthday memories are intertwined with candlelight services, family gatherings, and general holiday craziness. But the one constant through all those things is MUSIC. I adore all sorts of music, but the melodies of Christmas are particularly dear. From traditional carols to funky new stuff and even hysterical spoofs - I love it all. And my ginormous pile of Christmas CDs proves it (I think last time I counted it was around 70). I have numerous "favorites" but Rose of Bethlehem by Selah is definitely in the top three. Beautiful arrangements, lush harmonies - from the soft tinkling of piano on Silent Night to the closing strains of the title song.

Oh, Rose of Bethlehem
How lovely, pure and sweet
Born to glorify the Father
Born to wear the thorns for me

Anyway, I'd like to give away one copy of this CD - and I don't want to wait until my birthday, because I'd like you to have a chance to listen to it before Christmas! So leave a comment sharing one of your Christmas favorites - whether a family tradition, Grandma's cookies, funny memory, or even a song - and I'll randomly draw a name Friday morning (12/14). And please leave your email address, too, so I can contact the winner!


jacki j. said...

what a sneaky way to remind people that you birthday is coming! ( wink, wink) Actually thanks for the push. I need to get your card in the mail on time this year...

OK I have a lot of Christmas memories as a child, but I share one of my recent memorable Christmases. I used to stay up all night wrapping gifts. One year, I did that and I was soooo sleepy that I fell asleep while they were opening gifts. My husband woke me to give me a gift and I "half asleep opened" it and said "oooh pretty" and passed out. My kids thought that hilarious. I've learned my lesson and I've started wrapping earlier in the week before Christmas after that.

Jeff & Meg said...

Fun idea! Happy early B-day! My Christmas memory is the year I got my very own lavendar bike. I had saved and saved but since we got exactly $1 a month for allowance, I was doomed. My parents put my money toward the bike and got me one for Christmas. They hid it under a blanket and carried it down the hall on Christmas Eve.

Jenn said...

I think you are the one that "hooked" me on Christmas music! Christmas memories include shortbread cookies that my grandma had made the previous August and her $1 dollar store toothbrushes in our stockings. neither were particularly good, but it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Mom said...

My Christmas childhood memories are of lots of family spending Christmas together at my grandparents house with great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins and sometimes great-aunts and uncles stopping by. With so many people together, there was also chaos!

A favorite food is fruitcake that our family has made for over 50 years! I know the reputation of fruitcake but this is really good--made with tomato soup. By the way, I still need to make some!

My favorite gift is my daughter born on the 24th! Then 32 years later our daughter-in-law presented us with a grandson so we have 2 birthdays on the same date! Unique, huh?

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Awwwww, I missed out on this contest!!! I can't believe how quickly time just flew by...I hope you had a happy birthday and a merry Christmas!

Let's see...even though the contest over, I'll still share one of my favorite Christmas memories...It was DearHubby and I's first Christmas...For those who know DearHubby, he is REALLY into motorcycles, particularly dirt bikes...Well, the morning we did Christmas presents, he told me to look out of our apartment window and out on our little patio I saw a little red 100cc Honda dirt bike, just for me. Of course, DearHubby couldn't wait to start giving me lessons and within a few weeks we were out in the park riding around...I don't know if he got the motorcycle for me or for him ;)

Well, just wanted to take a little break...Gotta get back to work...I'll be back to catch up soon :)