Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Thoughts

Well, you can officially add "putting drops in a 3 year old's eyes" to my list of least favorites. Holy schnikees, that's a tough job! I'm not even sure how much medicine actually stayed in there after all the tears... but her eyes do look better today, so I'll take that as a good sign.

In other thrilling news, I'm going out with the other MOPS steering team members tonight. We're going to Melting Pot, and I know we'll have a ball. I also have my "Mommy Morning out" tomorrow, and among other things will be picking up paperwork to register our son for kindergarten. Can't believe it's that time already!! And I'll be stopping by Dunkin' Donuts for coffee, so at that point I think I'll officially be "over" yesterday's trauma ;)

So what else is going on? Well, I've just finished paying bills and marveling yet again how quickly the money is gone. With oil, food, etc. all going up we've had to make even more adjustments. I've read some interesting articles on the food shortage lately - it's a complex chain, but obviously fuel prices is a biggie. But then there is the increased usage of biofuels (ethanol production will supposedly account for 30% of US corn crops by 2010 according to the BBC), changing diets in Asian countries so increased demand for beef, etc. You can read this report from the World Bank, as well as articles from Time and CNN. Is anyone else seeing worldwide famine in the future? End times are coming, people!

And on the topic of end times, I'm actually starting to wonder if Oprah - or perhaps one of her favored teachers - is the antichrist in training. I know I'm being a bit flippant here, but seriously, have you been paying any attention to what's going on? I happened to get a couple free issues of her magazine, and was flipping through one this weekend. One article was entitled "A Million Ways to Save the World" and highlights some "earthshaking, world-fixing ideas" (author's terminology). There are some lovely ideas, including education, healthcare, and fighting sex trafficking. But then I got to the Arcus Foundation. "Arcus is a private foundation that aims to achieve social justic for gays and lesbians, and to ensure the conservation of great apes." I actually started laughing when I read this - all I could picture was those silly commercials that feature storefronts with odd pairings. You know, "back waxing and live bait." But this is completely serious - further quotes from the article: "When you see a chimp comfort another chimp in distress by putting his arm around him, it's obvious that empathy is not unique to people; it is an evolved, inherited trait. If we could recognize that we are profoundly part of the natural world, we would likely treat animals and the environment with more respect and care." And this is being touted by Oprah, and I'm sure that thousands and thousands are now oohing and ahhing over - not to mention financially supporting - this wonderful foundation. Blech.

And then there are the book choices. The Secret. The New Earth. Oprah "took God out of the box" and starting searching "beyond doctrine" and realized that Jesus came to raise our consciousness (check out this video - it's lousy quality but worth listening to) Oh, and are you ready to "unblock the awareness of love's presence" and open up all the power and joy of a deeper awareness in your life? Then listen to Marianne Williamson so you can "become your own Teacher, with your own path toward peace, wholeness and love." Welcome to the church of Oprah. Scary, scary times.


Pepperpot said...

Scary times we live in! I saw that nonsense with Oprah and was very disappointed in her. If God is whatever we want Him to be, then why would we bother to believe in anything? I could just imagine myself up whatever I wanted! In fact, you may now call me Princess Pepperpot! I do beleive I am royalty!

maidensong said...

Funny that you blogged about this. I read the other day that Oprah prayed to 'the ancestors' and tried to channel spirits when she was preparing and acting out the role the played in 'Beloved'

Speaking as a black person familiar with some of the traditions of ancestor worship, and from a christian perspective of 'channeling,' that poor woman is probably chock full of unclean spirits, if not outright possessed or opressed by demons.

Any person that would encourage someone to raise the worth of self over God's divine authority in our lives, is indeed under the spirit of anit-christ. (not the sacry revelation man, but the spirit that denies Jesus's authroity in our lives)

The great danger here is that she has a wide open door to the spirits and emotions of millions of women, and there is enough feel good empowerment to hide the deeper flaws of the messages.

This may seriously need to be something that women of God start praying about, for Oprah's complete salvation, so that he platform can be used to expand and not oppose the Kiingdom

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Glad to hear Little A's eyes are doing better:)

I don't pay attention to Oprah so it's good to hear the kind of things she's advocating...Real scary...

Lots of people out there teaching unscriptural things...Once, I was flipping through the channels and ran into an interview of an author who wrote a book entitled "Why Good People Do Bad Things". Boy, is that far from the truth because it presupposes that people are inherently good...Yes, these are scary times, especially how people are easily suaded to believe these lies!