Thursday, February 11, 2010

Box Fun

Totally forgot to post these little gems yesterday. As I had mentioned last week, we purchased an upright freezer (and yes, I'm still giddy over the acquisition)... well, the appliance company thoughtfully provided a ginormous box for the children's pleasure :) It was saved up for a "special project" this past weekend, and they got to make their own fort. They used pieces from other boxes to create a door and a chimney, and then they even customized their abode with crayons & markers. Finally, they have permission to color on the walls! I love the compass that they drew inside (which you can see in the first pic) - and yes, we need to work on east & west a bit more.

They actually camped out in here on Saturday night - kind of crazy that our children think that sleeeping in a cardboard box is a privilege to be earned...


Hip Mom's Guide said...

My boys and I were JUST looking at a picture of me, with our yellow lab, ten years a wardrobe box we were playing with after we moved in.

These things are timeless! :)

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Fun times! Yesterday, G and I made a paper barn with paper barn animals. She enjoyed playing with that barnyard set as much as she enjoys the Little People Barnyard set. Amazing how little imaginations work and we don't have to spend much at all.