Thursday, February 25, 2010

Opening My Eyes

My mind is all over the place right now, but I just wanted to get some of this out...

I’m still having a hard time down here. Our neighbor refers to this area as American-occupied Mexico, and frankly, it’s kind of hard to argue. The Mexican culture is definitely the dominant influence, with bits and pieces of Southern “well-bless-your-heart” throw in for good measure. The women are always dressed well, and 90% of the time that includes tight shirts and high heels. I’m still not used to hearing children referred to as “Mamma” or “Pappa.” The local news makes me giggle. I think it’s odd when I see beer being served with breakfast. We’re a good deal older than the majority of the parents at school. I often get a look of shock when I explain where we’re from – I’ve had a number of conversations with people who have never traveled more than a few hours from the Rio Grande Valley. It seems no one plans ahead for anything – aside from the school calendar, it’s hard to plan more than a week in advance.

At MOPS yesterday one of the leaders had her aunt come and speak. And, well, I have to admit that I nearly missed it. I’m still not feeling 100%, plus I had a lousy attitude and was basically thinking, “What on earth could I possibly learn from her?” It sounds so arrogant when I spell it out like that, but it’s the plain truth. And while I’ve enjoyed the meetings, I have been frustrated with the lack of organization and haven’t made “deep” connections. Anyway, she started speaking about the relationship with her daughter and then opened it up for questions/discussion. And I was served a heapin’ helpin’ of humble pie. I was whacked upside the head with a reminder that we ALL are humans in need of God’s grace and redeeming love. That no matter what the culture or age, that we as women carry pain. That we juggle expectations and crave approval.

Mothers. Daughters. Sisters. Friends. We all need Jesus.

Give me your eyes for just one second
Give me your eyes so I can see
Everything that I keep missing
Give me your love for humanity
~Brandon Heath ("Give Me Your Eyes" from the album What If We)

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

How are things going for you now, as I noticed that this post was dated a couple weeks back.