Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Checking in

So what's up? I'm working on getting taxes done - we generally try to have them done by the end of February, but obviously that didn't happen this year. I installed TurboTax, but was unable to actually open the program - and when I restarted the computer, I got a lovely variety of greetings, included "This system has recovered from a serious error." Delightful. This is the same computer that had been giving us fits but hubby was able to clean things up and get it running again... but then in the past 2 weeks it's started doing wonky stuff again. Anyway, I installed it on the laptop and starting punching numbers in; I'm thinking some of the refund will be going toward a computer!

Hubby was away last week, and that always leaves me feeling drained. Thankfully it was a brief trip, but I still hate it when he's away... We're busy getting ready for an invasion of teens next week, as our niece (who's attending CFI in Dallas) is coming down for a visit. Along with 4 other friends. I've stocked up on soda and chips, and we'll be firing up the pool heater on Sunday afternoon. Anyone else wanna come down? We still have a bit more floor space available :)

Oh, wait - we had another visitor arrive yesterday: Flat Juan! A friend of ours is a teacher and she was looking for host families for a school project. The kids are really getting into it. I think we're going to have a keep an eye on this guy, though, as he has already tried jumping into the pool...

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

What do you have to do with flat Juan?

I think we're all behind in doing taxes. We usually have it done by the end of February also and I haven't even picked up the form yet.

Have fun with your niece and her friends!