Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Fun and a Birthday Boy

On Saturday we headed down the road to Onion Fest. The kids were excited that it was in a park, and had fun swinging while watching the precision kite flying demo. They each colored a bit of the giant wall and played with dry ice foam as part of the local college's science club demo. There were a variety of mascots for photo opps (including the waste management company's giant stuffed trashcan named "Dumpy." I can't make this stuff up!) Unfortunately, we discovered that our daughter still has an irrational fear of these giant characters, so while our son was happily hamming it up for pics, she was hiding behind my legs and whimpering. Sigh. It was nearly 90 degrees and there wasn't much shade, so we all wore out pretty quickly... and to be honest, there really wasn't much else to do! There were LOTS of Winter Texans attending, some live music, an onion eating contest, long lines for food vendors, a tiny tent of arts & crafts (disappointing), and some carnival rides for the bargain price of $6 a ride. Yikes!! As we were leaving, we encountered a trailer with a single cow and a promise of a LIVE milking demonstration. I think a few people were wondering about my personal mental health as I was laughing hysterically when I saw that!

After we finished up at the festival, we went to Red Robin for lunch (our son's favorite, and I must admit I'm a big fan of their guac burger) and then checked out a few things at a couple different stores... didn't buy anything, but wanted to compare brands and prices. We then headed home and briefly went in the pool (that water is still rather cold as our nights are still in the 50s/60s, but I have a feeling that in a few more weeks we'll be spending a LOT of time in the water). Overall, another great family day.

Sunday was our son's 7th birthday, and he was quite happy to receive a skateboard and a scooter! Yes, we are trying very hard to find an outlet for his seemingly boundless energy ;) When he received the skateboard, there was a clue taped to the bottom and he had a little 8 step scavenger hunt to find the scooter - that was a huge hit, and I think it will become a traditional part of birthdays around here. He had requested pizza for his birthday dinner, and we invited another family over to join in the fun. We munched down, then got the kids hopped up on sugary icing (guess what color it was?!) and made funky jungle masks then had an impromptu jam session. So much fun!

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Becca said...

Z liked these pictures of your son. I think if given the chance he'd follow him around everywhere.