Friday, March 12, 2010

Glimpses of Home

Saw this fun little linky party going on, and decided to play along!

Moving from Philly suburbia to South Texas last year meant h-u-g-e changes. On a positive note, the money that we made selling our house in PA (even in a "down" market) went much further in TX, so we now have more space for our family. That's certainly a blessing, but that also meant that we needed to actually do something with those spaces...

Today I'm showing you what we've dubbed the front room. The former owners used it as a formal dining room. We have no need for such a space, and the plan is to open up a wall in a couple years and create a large kitchen/dining area. In the meantime, I'm trying to make the room work for us. And seeing as how it's the very first room you see when you enter our home, I want it to make a decent impression.

This little corner is definitely my favorite spot. A place to curl up with a cup of coffee and my Bible.

This piece is from the bedroom furniture that we purchased from IKEA in 1997. We have a lot more closet space in this house so didn't need the dresser... I decided to use it here to store linens and other seasonal stuff. I pulled the wooden knobs off of it and replaced them with white knobs (which I took off of built-in cabinets in another room) I really would like to paint it, but hubby isn't going for that idea :) I covered it with white burlap, added some family pics, and finished it off with a garage sale lamp - spray painted of course! To the side you see an ottoman (Target clearance find!). We have 2, and they get moved from room to room as needed for extra seating.

On the other wall you see my piano (Christmas gift from my hubby), a chair family portrait, and shelves holding music, photo albums, and a few knick knacks. The chair was another garage sale find, and hubby cringed when he saw that I was painting it purple, but I love the pop of color it provides - and he actually conceded that it "wasn't bad."

Oh, and can I comment on the room color? I hate yellow. I don't think sunshine - I think urine. Ugh. I've already purchased paint (a bluish gray) and it's on next month's project list. I also have some white sheer curtains to hang on that window by the chair. Baby steps, but it's slowly feeling more like OUR HOME.


Jess @ Just a Blink said...

Blessings to you as you continue to define your space to feel like home. Wow! What a big move! I love all the family photos, that is very homey for sure!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

I like your little devotional corner.

Can't wait to see the new paint on the walls!

Great job with the home! It must feel real good to have a spacious home with lots of storage!