Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break Recap

It's official. Our son is back in school this morning - and yes, I am enjoying the lack of bickering sounds in the background, thankyouverymuch ;) In all seriousness, though, it was fabulous. Our niece came down for a visit with three friends and we had a great time with much food and laughter involved. Some things never change, and her uncle managed to throw her in the pool (even if it meant he went in, too) The temps were cooler than normal, so more time was spent in the hot tub than the pool.
Pool Trip Hot Tub Time Cousins
The kids and I visited the zoo with some friends. We watched hippos yawning, big cats sunning themselves, peacocks strutting, and monkeys playing around. We took "Flat Juan" along for some fun pictures, too. When we got to the petting zoo section, they not only had the usual goats and pigs, but also a baby camel... and boy oh boy, did he like Juan! I think it's safe to say he'll be the only adventurer covered in camel slobber :)
Peacock Camel Chow
I ran some errands on Thursday night, and I couldn't believe the hordes of birds around the mall area. I snapped this picture while I was sitting at a red light, but there were soooooo many more than this picture shows - and the noise was crazy! I slept in a bit the following morning, and when I got up I found the kids playing Lego Star Wars. Working together. Awwww...
Birds Lego Star Wars
We managed a family expedition on Friday night. As soon as Daddy got home from work, we packed up the little grill, some hot dogs and marshmallows and drove to a small county park for a bit of fishing. Our son was super excited to catch his first fish (unfortunately it was an inch below the legal limit, so we didn't get to keep it) and hubby snagged some bait! Our daughter wasn't very interested in fishing, but she was quite content to play in the dirt (and even roped big brother into the endeavor for a few moments). Good times, good times...
Fishin First Catch More Bait Dirt Pile

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