Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WFMW - Sugary Cereals

Ah, those delightful cereals loaded with sugar & artificial colors. I know of several families that do not allow them at all, and while I do try to avoid most processed junk, this is one area where we bend the rules a bit. So here's how it works in our family.

Friday is fun cereal day. After a busy week, I love that when Friday rolls around the first meal is a no-brainer :) The kids are each allowed one bowl of scrumptiousness -- but of course I can't give it to them "as is." No, it gets the mommy treatment first. I mix the super sugary stuff with other varieties - here you see fruity pebbles and rice krispies. Other popular blends are cocoa or peanut butter puffs with kix, and cinnamon toast krunch with Special K (my personal favorite!). And let me add that I combine the 2 cereals as soon as they come home from the grocery store - I dump 'em out into a big bowl, mix, and pour into rubbermaid containers so that the kids can get it themselves.
So what works for you? Lots more good stuff over here.


Shelby said...

You know, I actually really like this idea! My kiddo is too little for cereal of the non-baby variety, but I think this is a good compromise between insisting on the "healthy stuff" and giving the kids a bit of a treat every once in a while. I would imagine this also eliminates some power struggles as well. Thanks for the tip!

Nikki said...

Very clever. I may have to try the Cinnamon toast crunch/Special K combo.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Great idea!!!

So, what do the kiddos get on other days?