Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Musings

The weather was just gorgeous this weekend! I finished painting the cabinets, but they won't be installed until tomorrow night (and my hubby will actually have help!) In not-so-great news, the kids have both picked up some sort of bug: wet cough, just general mopiness. Our daughter is actually running a fever this morning, too, so I know that it's not just my imagination. We kept them home from church yesterday, so they're now going stir crazy as they haven't seen any of their friends for several days now. Not happening today, either! I had stopped at the library when I ran some errands on Saturday, so at least they have some new books to keep them occupied.

Yesterday our pastor spoke on Acts 22:30-23:10. We've been working our way through the book, and are now to the point where Paul has been arrested and will be spending the rest of his life imprisoned. Yes, I know the basic stories, but it's been really good to revisit them and really study it. In this particular passage, we looked at how Paul responded to the circumstances, turning oppression into opportunity. He stood his ground, using Scripture to back himself up. Do I know the Word well enough that I can rely upon it during times of trouble? (I must admit that I'm more of a concordance girl) And can I say that I stand in good conscience? If not, how many opportunities have I missed because of my personal sin issues. Yes, there's that double-edged sword, piercing down to the very soul of the matter (Hebrews 4:12).

In other Sunday news, our worship team leader was away this week, and we totally managed to flub up our last song (Lord Reign in Me), but I want to end with these two lines:

Over every thought, over every word
May my life reflect the beauty of My Lord

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

Hi!!! I know it's August and I'm commenting on a July post...I'm that far behind...Had some time tonight (11:40pm) and just wanted to drop in and see what's been going on...

Don't know if I've ever heard the song "Lord Reign in Me" (I'm so outdated when it comes to music...You gotta share more good music on the forum ;) )...Anyway, that quote from the song is so true...May that be our prayer every day, to reflect the beauty of our Lord, especially while we have the opportunity to make an impression on our children's hearts!