Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Progress and more kid anecdotes...

The cabinets are now in - click here for a picture and details. I have a big to-do list for today, plus we'll have extra kiddos around tonight (the other couple's turn to go out, as part of our kid swap agreement), so probably won't be able to work back there until tomorrow.

As I mentioned yesterday, I needed to run to the grocery store. Well, the kids and I made our trek and filled the cart. As we were nearing the check-out, our son noticed a lady across the aisle with crutches (the metal type ones that have a cuff type top for the arm and a hand grip). As we reached the end of the aisle, our daughter asked the lady what her name was (her standard greeting for any breathing human being within 20 feet). Well, this led to a lengthy conversation during which our son repeatedly asked where her leg was, why the doctors had to cut it off and how they did it. He was fascinated, and just couldn't quite fathom that her leg was gone. In fact, he kept crouching down and looking for it! The lady was very friendly, and was really great about answering questions (I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, and was ready to whisk the kids down another aisle if necessary). But what's the proper way to handle stuff like that? I want the kids to be comfortable around people with physical disabilities, but they're not old enough to determine when quesions are inappropriate. Ah, more joys of mommydom!

In other motherhood news, as I was waking up this morning I noticed a sweet smell. Didn't think too much of it, and continued to lay in bed for a few more minutes. But then I suddenly realized that it was the scent of the kids' shampoo - and I immediately hopped out of bed. Our darling little girl had climbed onto the toilet, taken the extra bottle from the cabinet, and was pouring it onto the carpet in our bedroom. Lovely. That stuff really foams when you try to clean it up!!

Here's hoping that the remainder of the day is blissfully uneventful.

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