Friday, July 20, 2007


First coat is on!

I had hoped to get by with only two coats of paint, but it looks like I may need three. Bad news is that it's taking forever to dry since it's so humid, so installation may be pushed back to tomorrow. I'm also considering doing some sort of faux finish or texture effect on them, but can't decide. For now I think I'll just settle for good ol' white. I'm also planning to stamp a large image on the center of each door, so that will break up the white expanse. But maybe I should just focus on weeding through my junk first :)

In home front news, our daughter has discovered how to give raspberry kisses, so there's been much gigggling (and slobbery cheeks!). Our son is still loving his Rescue Heroes, especially since he was given the Command Center a few weeks ago (love it when friends with older kids do their toy purging!)

I'm off to throw a batch of lemon garlic chicken into the crockpot, do a couple loads of laundry, and slap on more paint!

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