Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Madness

Well, it's now 3 PM and this is what's still on my feet. Yep, those are fuzzy slippers (topped with flannel jammie pants). Can you tell what kind of day we're having around here? I've gotten a few things done, but can't say I've been super productive. As I was shuffling around in my slovenly apparel, it hit me that I'm not going to be able to do this much longer. D will be in school this fall, and I will DEFINITELY not be one of "those" moms. Anyhoo, on to other exciting events...

We have a MOPS meeting tomorrow, but thankfully I don't have anything to prepare. I am helping out with some other stuff at church right now, so that's taking up a bit more time. I also just finished up another round of rubber stamped samples and got those shipped last week. I still have a long to-do list here at home, mostly purging and organizing. I'm struggling to stay motivated, as it seems that the progress is soooo slow. But there is just too much stuff piled up around here, and even when things are "clean" they're still cluttered. Ugh. I'm also noticing that the kids are picking up some of my bad habits, which is definitely not a good thing. Gotta keep moving forward on that.

I had the camera with me at church yesterday, and I captured this photo of our little girl. What a little lady she's becoming (snort). And yes, that is diaper bulge under the tights - still waging the potty training battle here. Where oh where does she get her stubborn streak from?!? (No comments on that particular issue, please :) Seriously, though, she really is growing up. She looooooves music, and as we were leaving church she started singing, "You never let go." Even though she's downstairs during the service, she's picked up the chorus just from being around during worship team practice. How very cool!

In crazy little boy news, here he is drumming his heart out. Yes, these are the ones we pulled from the trash a few weeks ago. They're propped up on a cardboard box and he's using chopsticks, but he was still in rhythm heaven. Real drumsticks are going on the next Musician's Friend order.

And lastly, while I might be sporting warm but decidedly unfashionable footwear, there are others out there who are wearing cool brown boots. You go, girl! (Yes, there is a story behind this. But no, I'm not going to share!)

Have you're all having a great Monday! I promise a slightly less crazed post later in the week :)


Jeff & Meg said...

Sounds about how I feel! And WOW! You let him have the drums! You are brave. And thanks to the brown boot conversation, I am now afraid to wear my black *Insert adjective here* boots.

Jenn said...

Obviously I don't know the inside joke, but very cute brown boots...whoever they are!

Thought I'd let you know my MOPS charter is getting faxed in today!!!!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Just wanted to comment on Little A's hair and how pretty it's growing out!

What are you doing to potty train? I bought Little G a potty when she was about 18 months old because someone mentioned to me that if she knew when she pooped then she probably was ready. Well, either I missed my window of opportunity or she wasn't ready. Little G is a smart girl, but the one thing she hasn't gotten yet is the potty. I haven't really started training her, but I should start...