Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

So what has our little tribe been up to? Well, we headed off to the Pirates movie with the kids on Saturday. They had a good time, but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed: not much music, the dialogue wasn't all that witty, and no mention of Christ. (Evidently there was a little evangelistic message at the end, but our kids had been sitting long enough so we left right away). Still a nice outing. Plus we found out that AMC Theaters have a weekend special - showings before noon are only $5. Not exactly dirt cheap, but a bit more affordable. You might want to check it out - how 'bout a Saturday morning date? :)

After the movie, we walked the MEGA mall. Our only purchase was drumsticks for our kiddo (which he slept with last night). Also got cornered by some research people who wanted to have our kids test child-proof lighters. "But we talk to them about how they should leave them alone." Um, right before or after you tell them to use it?!? No thanks, think we'll just keep steering our little pyros clear of flame makers.

After church yesterday, we met up with my brother for lunch. Tried a new (to us, anyway) place, and laughed at the kid's antics. Came home, and actually had a fairly restful afternoon. Our daughter has a nasty sounding cough, and we ended up sending her to bed early... this led to some quality father-son time building a castle. Yes, this is the one I rescued from the trash pile a few weeks ago. I still can't believe that they were throwing this out! We were only missing a few minor pieces, and it certainly isn't noticeable. I have a hunch that our little boy will be spending many, many hours redesigning it anyway!

Back to the daily grind today. In fact, I hear my dryer calling me! Later...


Jenn said...

I think given the family history, lighters are a good thing to avoid! (Sorry Dave!)

We're waiting for Pirates to go to the cheap theater!

I'm sure your family told you, but I woke up to -15 degrees this morning!

Jeff & Meg said...

Letting your kid test a lighter sounds VERY dangerous indeed! I am glad he's having fun with the trash-treasure. James is still playing with the huge set of matchbox cars I dug out of there!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

I'm sorry you were disappointed by the Pirates movie (after I raved about it). Maybe we enjoyed it so much because that was the first movie "date" DearHubby and I went to since Little G's been born and so the movie seemed good (kinda like when you're starved and anything you eat tastes really good).

Wow, that castle looks cool! In a way, I'm glad that America is so rich that we can afford to throw stuff like that away so that others, like us, can enjoy the benefits of America's wealth too!

DearHubby's been going around looking for scrap metal and on his trips he's run into so many baby stuff too, like bouncy seats...We've decided that on his next trip he'll pick up baby stuff that looks good and if we can't use it, we'll then donate them.