Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Princesses

Last night our daughter was upstairs playing with her dress-up things while her brother was downstairs coloring. He eventually got bored, though, and went up to see what she was doing. They came downstairs together, and he excited told me that they were BOTH princesses!

Oh. My.

It really is a hoot to watch these two together, though. One minute they're playing Rescue Heroes and the next they're having a tea party. Balance is good, right?

I also wanted to share our son's Biblical insights. Sunday afternoon we were looking at his papers from Sunday School, and I asked him what he had learned. He proceeded to tell me that Jesus had helped the man to see. "Oh," I said. "Was he blind?" His response: "No. His hair was just too long and it was in his eyes."

Must be one of those new progressive translations :) Seriously, though, we did pull out the Bible and talk about the story. Still not sure where the hair idea came from!


Jenn said...

Judson used to dress like a princess and I will use those photos some day!

I love kid translations of the Bible. Jarrett seemed to think when Satan tempted eve he wore a snake puppet instead of becoming a snake. Gotta love Sunday School!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Looks like Little D is "balancing" well in those slippers...Very pretty ;)

Great pic!!! What'd Big D say?

Well, Little G thinks Goliath is a Big Pickle (Veggie Tales)!

Jeff & Meg said...

Hilarious! That boy really knows how to accessorize!