Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Busy Week

I wanted to start off with this picture from Monday afternoon. Our son was getting seriously cranky, and I told him to lay down on the couch to "rest for a bit." He immediately started crying that he wasn't tired (a sure sign that he is, in fact, exhausted). I snapped this approximately five minutes later.

Tuesday was our final MOPS meeting of the year (our schedule roughly follows the school year). Our "finale" generally consists of eating (even more food than usual!), lots of jabbering, and some silliness. I'm really going to miss our meetings this summer, although we will have some informal get togethers. BTW, We're all dressed in pink in support of one of our Moms who is currently battling breast cancer.

Our son had asked that I get a picture of him and his "buddy" at MOPS. Why is it so tough to get a decent picture of little boys? Get your finger outta there! Can you smile for me? Ooh, not like that! Hey, I'm over HERE! Well, I guess there's something to be said for being genuine.
One of the kids' friends turned 4 yesterday, so we happily went over to help him celebrate in high style. We enjoyed the cake-cake party (pancakes and cupcakes!) and I can say with certainty that HIS family will remember our presence, as booger boy felt it was necessary to "make his mark" by doodling on the table with his fork while I was distracted (getting their food). Yes, he made some serious scratches. Another mortifying mommy moment for the record books...

We finally put the pool up earlier this week. Haven't gone in yet (that water is COLD) but I'm pretty sure we'll soon be excited about that fact as they've already issued a high heat warning for the weekend - high humidity with a high of 97 on Sat and 95 on Sun. Helloooooo summer! Oh, but I guess I should have expected that as hubby needs to work on our cars; we always joke that repairs can only be done in the most severe conditions - during a major rainstorm, windchills well below zero, or searingly hot. It looks as though the trend continues! We have three vehicles, but only one is operational right now (no brakes on the truck, and ignition coil has been ordered for the Jetta). I am soooo thankful for a handy hubby who can handle all these repairs himself and save us big bucks.

OK, time to get out of the computer chair and accomplish a few things. I want to get as much cleaning, laundry, etc. as I can done today and tomorrow so we can kick back this weekend. Here's dreaming anyway :)


Dapoppins said...

I have "scratches" all over my house caused my one particualar mean he is doing it at other people's homes too?

May I barrow your handy hubby? I have great hubby, but not so handy...wait, don't tell him I said that!

Pepperpot said...

Oo, I have me one of those handy hubbies too - worth their weight in gold!

Love the pics of the boys, LOL! I like how not only is D picking his nose but E has chipmunk cheeks with whatever food he crammed in there. :P

Thanks for all of your hard work with our fun crafts this year Trish! :)