Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Checking In

Tuesday already?! Thankfully I'm feeling better and the kids don't seem to have gotten anything. And just so you can see how healthy we all are, I thought I'd share our family picture, courtesy of our daughter. I love how she and I are pink :)

We went to D's kindergarten orientation yesterday. They have a *VERY* large incoming class. Maximum class size is 25 children, and all three teachers are nearly at their max. Yikes. Very diverse group, and it will be interesting to see how it all comes together. It was also very interesting watching the kids' reactions as their names were called. Some kids went running up to the front, others clung to mom and cried, and one actually crawled under the table and literally had to be drug out. As we were leaving, D annnounced that he liked his school and wanted to know if he could start sooner. I'm so thankful that he's excited about it!

Today, unfortunately, wasn't quite so good. This morning, I told the kids that I had a super fun surprise for them, but they had to straighten up their room first, seeing as how they'd trashed it after dinner last night. They screwed around all morning - throwing toys at one another, emptying drawers, and frankly making it even worse. By 2:00, I was DONE. I told them that they had missed out on the surprise. And after talking it over with hubby, decided to let them know what it was: a trip to Sesame Place. (This place is literally right behind our mall, and we see the giant rubber ducky every time we leave A.C. Moore/Michael's. The kids have asked to go there many times, but ticket prices are outrageous. Well, some friends of ours have season passes and the park was running a special deal for Tuesdays in Aug where we could get in free by going with them) D in particular took the news really hard, and cried for at least 20 minutes.

After having that discussion with the kiddos, I couldn't help but wondering how many blessings I've missed out on because I was set on doing my own thing, rather than following God's will. I'm telling you, parenting changes your perspective on everything...

We had Chinese for dinner, (mein fun - yum!!!!) and when I pulled the fortune out of my cookie, I started laughing and immediately called hubby. Funny thing was that they had Chinese for dinner last night, and his fortune said something about a big change. Still nothing official to announce on that issue, but the cookies have spoken :)
SmileyCentral.comAnd to end on a happy note, hubby comes home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

I wanted to take the girls to Sesame Place this summer and then I discovered the ridiculous ticket prices...I'll need to find someone with a season pass...

Did you play the lottery that night too?