Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's up?

Nothing terribly exciting to report, but I thought I'd check in. Hubby is off to AZ tomorrow so I'll be single mom-ing it for a week, which is never my favorite thing. I'm already praying that I'll be patient and gentle with the kids; mean, yelling mama tends to come out after hubby's been gone a couple days.

A few funny tidbits:

I ran out last evening to purchase some things: rye bread (for Grandma in AZ, from the fabulous Italian bakery) and fish (from the Asian market that's in the same plaza as the bakery). Well, I got the bread in record time and walked over to H-Mart. Grabbed some fruit (they have great prices, plus their produce is always in really nice shape), then headed to the back. There was quite a line for fresh fish (not unsual), and since I was actually shopping for the next day, I figured I'd head over to the freezer section. Score - whole tilapia for $1.79/lb! I was in a hurry so grabbed two of the smaller ones. Well, when I got back home hubby pointed out just how *whole* the fish were. I knew I'd paid for eyes (again, not unusual at this store) but didn't realize we also were lucky enough to receive the entrails. Note to self: take 2.3 seconds to see if fish has been gutted.

The kids are really into knock-knock jokes these days, and were making up some doozies at dinner last night. Our daughter in particular was on a roll, and here's a sample:

  • Knock Knock
  • (me) Who's There?
  • Feet
  • (me) Feet who?
  • Feet in the feezy (half breath) Now you have to laugh, Mom!

She was being so goofy and obviously not making much sense, but it was the "you have to laugh" part (every single time!) that really had me rolling. Wanna hear what I came up with?

  • Knock Knock
  • Who's There?
  • Eyebrow
  • Eyebrow who?
  • Eyebrow nose, so I've been promoted at work!

(The kids definitely didn't appreciate it, and hubby just rolled his eyes. So much for my rapier wit!)


Shay said...

lol about the fish. We just got the Princess' b-day cake from that fabulous bakery - they are thee best! :)

Jeff & Meg said...

I LOVE the H-mart!!

And your joke....he, he, he!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

This bakery and Asian market sounds great. The next time I've over your way, I'll need to stop by this plaza...

Did you have to de-scale the fish too?

(My grandparents used to buy whole fish all the time and so this was actually normal for me to see growing up.)