Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Funny

Today's funny bit is brought to you courtesy of a fellow stamper. I really like her cardmaking style, and when I read this story I was cracking up!

Last night, my friend Sheila asked me to run down to Big Lots with her.

As she was checking out, it so happened that the box of Tampax she wanted had no price. I cringed when the cashier got on the intercom and announced, "Price check on register five. Tampax; Supersize."

Now that was bad enough, but the guy looking for the price apparently mistook "Tampax" for "thumbtacks." 'Cuz, in a serious tone, his voice boomed back over the intercom, "Do you want the kind you push in with your thumb or the kind you pound in with a hammer?"


If I'd been along on this expedition, there's a very good chance that I would have passed out at the checkout due to lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.

(Original can be found here)


Violet said...

Hi Trish, You left a comment on my blog and now I've found you : )
This story is sooooo funny - it could have been on a sit-com! I like your blogs and plan to check out some of hte sites you like. I'm new to blogging and don't have this feature on my blog yet ... one of these days.... Oh, please check out my daughters blog, she is a young mom whose heart you will love:
God Bless! Violet

Kasey Hunt said...

What a good laugh! Thanks.