Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello again

Well, we're back home. In fact, we actually came home a bit earlier than planned. The main reason was that I'm a klutz - remember how I hurt my foot a couple weeks ago? Well, we went on a little family hike and I managed to trip over a rock. Nice, eh? Unfortunately, there were several other factors as well: although we'd brought the kids' bikes, I had forgotten their helmets (Oops! And yes, it's state law here in PA); the "lake" was more of a small pond and we're still not convinced there were actually fish in it; A was (and continues to be) in a weird mood - I'm guessing that she's going to be spurting an inch or so in the next week as she's been really whiney and sleeping quite a bit. So taking all of that into account, we packed up and drove home. In torrential rain. Took a wrong turn to boot. Yeah, it was grand :) But we did see an absolutely glorious rainbow - huge and very bright.

So what's up now? Well, I'm continuing on my quest to be better organized. I've pitched a number of things from the kitchen and am sifting through kids' belongings. D still hasn't moved downstairs, and I need to rearrange some furniture to make that happen. I also did some shopping yesterday - Kohl's is doing some major clearance, so I was able to find some things for myself as well as our daughter (son is well-stocked through the generosity of friends with older boys :) We're meeting a friend later this morning for a movie; it's Clifford's Big Adventure, and I'm not sure whether it will hold our kids' attention. Back to the dentist tomorrow. Hubby flies out to Arizona next week. Still nothing definite on the relocation issue; there are still a number of details that need to be resolved, but it's looking as though we'll be headed south in '09.

Oh, and did I mention that D will be starting kindergarten three weeks from today?!?!? The reality is sinking in, and I'm definitely having a harder time with it than I thought I would. Mostly I'm concerned about him - it's a full-day program in our district, and I'm just not sure how he'll handle that. I'm also a little frustrated with the lack of communication on some issues - I found a basic calendar online, but still don't have info on his teacher, supply list, etc. And well, he's just not that interested in the whole learning thing yet; in fact, his little sister knows her alphabet better! Continuing to pray about it all, and I know that God has it under control!

And as a follow-up to Friday's post, I thought I'd share my croc obsession. So to answer your question, Jenn, I haven't just crossed over to the dorc side, I've fully embraced it! :) They truly are comfy, and I have a hard time finding shoes in my size, so have been thrilled with these. And I do want to clarify that the purple ones seldom leave the house - I'm usually sporting the brown mary janes or now the fab black sandals (my newest purchase).



Ivy Six-Pack said...

No, say it isn't so!!! Okay, I can handle most of them, except the mary janes and we won't even mention the purple ones! :) Seldom leave the house? You mean to do your gardening in the back yard, right?

I'm sorry your trip was so difficult. You are not a klutz, just more interested in the world around you than the world under you!

School supply list? Check out the office supply stores or even walmart - they often get supply lists and have them available at the front of the store. I think communication is a universal complaint in schools!

Shay said...

I know we're in different districts, but most likely you will get the list in the mail after they notify you of who D's teacher is. You can also go on the school's web site and search for it by grade.
Crocs, aggh! We joke about them a lot here. I have one generic pair at the camper for the shower & pool and that's it. I do like your black ones though, how fetching! :)

Becca said...

Oooh, I like the white ones. I haven't crossed over yet, but you make sell them well. Hope your ankle is better soon!!!

Becca said...

That was meant to say, "you sell them well." Changed my thought mid-sentence. Doot dee Doot!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

Welcome home!!!

You sure are a good sales woman for Crocs...I've been wanting a pair for some time now, but haven't wanted to put out the big bucks for them...In addition, the only place I've seen Crocs is at Hallmark and they don't usually have my size or the color/style I like...Do you know where I can find Crocs, besides online, so that I can try one to feel how they fit?

Sounds like you're coming along with your organizational project...GREAT perseverance!!! Good job!!!