Thursday, August 14, 2008


My morning thus far:

  • Break up fight between kids.
  • Drop brand new roll of TP into the toilet.
  • Dump box of cereal onto the floor
  • Listen to daughter's complete screaming meltdown.
  • Pop 4 more ibuprofen to address the post-dental mouth trauma (yes, I had another appt last night)
  • Tell son for the 3rd time that he may not have candy
  • Get hair stuck on fly strip (we have a hole in one of the window screens, and have been invaded by flying pests)

It can only get better, right?


Ivy Six-Pack said...

It's probably raining too, huh? I hate it when my day starts like that. Hopefully it gets better.

If not just thank the Lord when they close their eyes and go to sleep tonight. And thank him for the glass of wine! :)

jacki jones said...

nap time! I hope your day goes beter...

Jeff & Meg said...

Geez! One of those days you just feel like going back to bed! I hope things start going better SOON.

Dapoppins said...

Hey, I have done almost all of that too. Even the fly strip. Is that yucky or what?

And the four ib...pain stuff for the tooth ache...oh yeah. OH Yeah, I feel your pain. The dentist says it won't hurt later...he is such a liar.

In Pursuit of His Call said...

When it rains it pours :( At least that's what seems to happen here a lot...In other words, I feel your sorrows...

Just out of curiosity, what did you do when you listened to your daughter's complete screaming meltdown...Little G has been doing that a lot lately and has been very disobedient...I must admit that I too often follow my flesh, especially with those screaming meltdowns and I end up having a screaming meltdown of my own because the screaming gives me a lot of anxiety. It isn't after I have sinned against Little G (by screaming at her) that I regain my self-control and then only after the fact do I pray to God and seek His help...What do you do to remind yourself not to lose it?