Saturday, April 19, 2008

Checking In

I realized I never officially confirmed that hubby made it back home. Yes, he's here, but tired and still trying to get back on Eastern daylight time. Regardless, we're all thrilled he's back home... Here are big & little D watching cartoons together this morning :)

Hubby was pretty busy on this trip, so didn't get a chance to head to any markets to find any fun souvenirs. He did bring me a free publication he'd gotten from one of the hotels, and I thought I'd share some insights into current Chinese life. First off, check out those stylin' vests (not to mention the tights with shorts). Holy toledo, I'm having flashbacks to 5th grade...

And for the discerning consumer, why settle
for a plain old earpiece when you can have a
cartoon lodged on your ear?

Finally, a fun recipe for you... evidently best
served with a fork and a carrot as utensils. Love the smiley plate!

OK, that's all the nonsense I have for today. Have a great weekend!


Pepperpot said...

lol.... very amusing! Love the husband cocoon pic. :P

Dapoppins said...

This is Japan? The Japanese have the strangest sense of humor...I heard they have naughty vending machines on every street corner...Is it true?