Saturday, April 5, 2008

Random Reading

Just browsing around the blogosphere this past week, and came across some articles.
  • Are we inadvertently changing the Word of God by making Bible stories "age appropriate"? I've thought of this as I'm reading to the kids from their Kiddie Bible (which REALLY condenses things) and also as I prepare lessons to teach at church. Read a bit more about that here (and there are some good comments, too).
  • We aren't raising children - we're raising ADULTS. We want the darling little people to grow into functioning members of society right? Well here's a handy resource that lists out age appropriate chores.

(both of these sites were found through "Fun Finds for April" over at Making Home. There's plenty more to explore over there if you have some time)

We're all still looking for ways to stretch a buck, right? Some good tips here. Or take it to another level, and think about this.

Working on becoming a Titus 2 woman? Thoughts on what it means to love our husbands here.

Read this quite awhile ago, but don't think I ever shared the link: "Forty Things I've Learned in Life"

And finally, just for laughs, dive into some vintage cookbooks here.


Ivy Six-Pack said...

Those were some awesome links! Great reminders in the new-life site! Thanks for the great tips! Now di you find ideas for coping with a travelling spouse??? :)

Pepperpot said...

I couldn't agree more about raising adults! Thanks for the link, I found the age appropriate responsibilities list VERY helpful. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, and realizing that I don't give my kids enough credit for what they are capable of doing. So they are in for a rude awakening when it comes to chores, mwahaha!