Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Just thought I'd check in. Our family continues to be busy - but then what's new?! :)

It also seems as though every woman I know has recently commented that they're going through a "dry" time. Tasks are being accomplished, but without passion. The family is being cared for, but it's simply a matter of fulfilling duties. Not quite sure why this is the case, but it does seem that Satan is doing his best to drag us down... I know I've been writing quite often about the fruits of the spirit and being Christlike, but I'm struggling right now. As I was driving to MOPS this morning, I had on a Rich Mullins CD, and was singing right along with "Hold Me, Jesus."

Hold me, Jesus, cuz I'm shaking like a leaf
You have been King of my glory
Won't you be my Prince of Peace

I need to cling to Him, and rest in His peace. Whether I'm up or down, He's my constant. Not my hubby or a family member or a good friend, but my Savior. I know He's provided some amazing people to minister to me, but that's not where I'll find my strength.

Lastly, I stumbled on a bit of encouragement in an unlikely place (an article about being "ready" for marriage) and wanted to share these words from Candice Watters:

The purpose of our lives is not to self-actualize, but to bring glory to God. How we feel about our looks, or weight, or job, or social life, or any other measure of success on any given day is, in the scope of eternity, irrelevant. Does God want us to be full of joy? Yes. Is that joy dependent on your self-image? Thankfully, no. His joy and peace are among the fruit of the Holy Spirit. They come by giving thanks in all circumstances, praying without ceasing, and cultivating the Holy Spirit's activity in your life. None of this hangs on what kind of "self-image day" we're having. Though I know in my life that the more I practice these spiritual disciplines, the more irrelevant my externals become.

Excellent reminder.

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Ivy Six-Pack said...

I just started Beth Moore's study on the Fruit of the Spirit. I love some of the things that you've said about that subject.