Monday, April 14, 2008

Deep breath, then let it alllll out...

It's been a rough couple days, and I'm soooo ready for hubby to come home. The kids have definitely been trying the old "let's see whose really in control here" routine and I'm just tired of everything being a battle. Just to make it interesting, our little girl is evidently fighting off some sort of bug - slight fever and a serious case of crankies. She's been saying that she has to gak for two days now, but it has yet to happen. She's been quite faithful in carrying around her little bucket, though, and this evening I just had to smile when she came and asked me to help. "Just push on my tummy, Mommy!" (But seriously, haven't we all had that awful feeling where you just know it would be better if you could just get it OUT...) And since she's had a fever, we missed church yesterday. D was actually crying that he couldn't see any of his friends; I must admit that I sort of felt the same way :)

I'm also rather frustrated because I haven't accomplished many of the household projects that I had planned while hubby was away. I did get a lot of stamping done early last week (which is a major stress-buster for me), but was hoping to move some pictures around and just freshen the house up a bit. Didn't happen. I did put out a big pile of trash on Friday night (yippee!) and my donation pile has grown as well (Purple Heart will be picking that up on Monday). I always have grandiose plans when hubby goes on long trips, but inevitably feel worn out just by normal day to day stuff. When will I learn?!

Thought I'd wrap up with another funny kid story. Saturday night, A was taking a long nap (the one plus of having a sick child!) and D was getting hungry. I gave him a few options of what we could have for dinner, but he had his own suggestion: "I know! We can have popcorn. You can just put it in the microwave, Mom. And I'll share. Sharing is good, right?" How's that for convincing reasoning?! But then that silly little moment got me thinking... "When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." (I Cor 13:11) How many times do I do the same thing to my Heavenly Father? I know what I want is childish, but I *want* it (can you hear my foot stomping?) and even find myself trying to tell Him why it would be a good thing. Laughable, isn't it? I've definitely grown in my faith - particularly since becoming a mother - but there are still moments where I become pouty, selfish child.


In Pursuit of His Call said...

Just wanted to send you some (((hugs)))!

Pepperpot said...

So wait... you mean you don't magically get MORE done when you have LESS help?? For shame! lol Don't be so hard on yourself my dear :) Glad that your hubs will be home soon, and I'll see ya tomorrow! :)