Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good times...

This morning I dropped the kiddos at a friend's house, and ran errands. Oh, how I love my precious alone time! I managed to return a pile of stuff to Wal-Mart in record time (most of it was craft stuff that I no longer had the receipt for - thank goodness for a lenient return policy!), and managed to avoid the "clearance" sign siren song and buy only the things on my sizable list. Paid about $15 out of pocket.

Next stop: Walgreen's to pick up a prescription. No line, and I'm outta there in less than five minutes.

Final stop: Salvation Army. I didn't make the big dropoff that I'd planned, but I did have a few things I was looking for: a purse and a pair of capris. I've had my current purse less than a year, and it still looks great except for the fact that one strap is dangling by threads (And I thought I was making a good investment by spending 20 bucks on a real brand during a fantastic sale). And well, I have 2 pairs of capris but one is no longer allowed to leave the house. So I started browsing and came across a pair of very nice pants. J Jill. With the inspector stickers still on the tag. I seriously don't think these were ever worn. They're simple yet sophisticated - dark, lightweight denim. The stuff every mom dreams of. Four bucks! I'm on a roll, so head on over to the handbag area. I scan the wall, looking for something in a light neutral. I grab one that looks promising, and I happen to notice it's "Gucci." I immediately laugh, as it's stamped into vinyl and the inside construction feels suspiciously cardboard-ish. But it's only three dollars and in pristine condition (not a single scuff!) so I figure it's worthwhile. There is a "Made in China" tag inside and I briefly wonder whether hubby has driven by its place of origin this week :) I browse a bit more, and find a couple things for the kiddos at half off, including a very cool wipe-off alphabet practice book (getting ready for kindergarten!) and a little fold-up Fisher Price girly castle that will go perfectly with the pocket-sized Disney princesses I scored at the consignment sale a couple weeks ago. (daughter will probably be receiving all this as a Christmas gift). I generally complain that our particular store is pretty lousy, but I can't complain about today's finds!

So I picked the kids back up, came home, and we immediately headed into the backyard to soak up the glorious spring day. Not a cloud in the sky, and 70-something degrees. Oh, and too early in the year for bugs :) This is my ideal weather. Kids ran around like loonies, and we eventually stopped to eat. Played a bit more, then bedtime. Oh, and have I mentioned that hubby will be home in less than a week?!?!? OK, so it's still six more days but I'm excited :)


Pepperpot said...

Hey, at least you know the J Jill pants are the real deal! what a great find! I should head over there myself one of these days. :)

Ivy Six-Pack said...

I need a haperone in those places because I NEVER find anything. When you're in town we'll have to go looking!