Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Quick Update

Will be leaving for the airport in just a couple minutes. Would have left half an hour ago if they stinkin' flight hadn't been delayed. Bleh.

On a happy note, sometimes it's worth filling out those silly customer service surveys! We needed a replacement tire, and it was one that was rather hard to find. Ended up ordering from a place online, and got a call the next day that it was temporarily backordered, but we should still have it by the coming Monday. I even asked what would happen if there was a longer delay, and I was assured that they update B/Os each night so we'd get another call if there was an issue. Well, we never heard anything... but never got a shipping notice, either. Finally heard back, and the tire was delivered on Tuesday. A week *AFTER* I'd been promised. We were frustrated, but didn't pursue it (just figured we wouldn't be ordering from that site anymore!). Got a follow up email asking for feedback, and I was polite but honest about our frustration. Wellllll, got a call from the customer service manager last night just following up, and after speaking to him for a bit, he ended up refunding our money. I was stunned, but certainly not about to turn down that offer. Yeehaw!

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