Monday, May 21, 2007

Great weekend!!

We had a very nice weekend - the weather was on the cool side, but still very nice. It was quite breezy, so we headed off to the park on Saturday morning to fly kites. We had a ball - that is until little A fell into the goose potty. Oh, I mean pond. She really didn't fall in so much as sliding into the muck, but we still had to pack up and come home. (Unfortunately no pictures of either the kite flying or the mucky aftermath) Had a nice back porch BBQ with some friends last evening...

On the agenda for the next few days: general clean-up, prepare for MOPS (we're talking about stuff to do with your kiddos over the summer), clean laundry closet (which I've been putting off for an embarassingly long time), deep clean/purge the bathrooms, and 2 playdates for the kids. Here's to a productive week!

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

Whew sounded like you had a busy week planned. Hope all went well...(Guess I'll find out as I read on...)

Can't wait to see the final outcome of the laundry closet :)

Ewwww, goose potty...Our neighbor's peacocks have been taking over our property and there's peacock poopy all over. As DearDaughter says, "YUCKY!!!"