Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our little world...

So what's been going on with us? Well, summer has definitely arrived. The sun is shining and it's been rather hot. Actually broke down and turned on the air conditioner for one night, but have been making do with open windows and fans since. We had a very quiet Memorial Day (our original plans were nixed due to lousy weather) - but it was quite nice to have a day with just our family. Flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping loudly, and the kids are swinging, sliding, and making even more noise than the birds!

In family news, our daughter's 2 year molars are popping through, and she's been absolutely miserable. It doesn't matter whether she can't find the right color crayon or she has suffered major head trauma: each will result in the same screech and wail. It doesn't help that I've been fighting headaches and sinus stuff for the past few days. (I've never had issues with allergies before, but supposedly the pollen counts have been higher than ever this year, so I'm chalking it up to that). Needless to say I haven't been an exemplary mother; we've watched too much TV and eaten too much "freezer food" (a/k/a chicken nuggets and fish sticks) To top it off, the dishwasher is broken. Picked up the part yesterday, but it turned out to be the wrong one; the right one will be in tomorrow morning after 9:00, but in the meantime the machine is being used as a large drying rack for all the dishes I'm washing by hand. Yes, I am a lazy whiner. My hubby has been chasing around a lot tying up loose ends on the church roofing job this weekend, plus helping a good friend repair his radiator. I think next week will be a bit quieter and I look forward to actually seeing him! :)

On the plus side, we've gone for five days now without a nose picking or cookie eating incident - I'm NOT sorry that I can't regale you with more tales of the kids' antics. Our funniest happening from the past few days is that our son has decided he just adores the fuzzy rug in our bathroom, and must lay on it buck naked to take in its softness before getting in the bathtub. No, you won't be seeing pictures of that.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever...
Let them give thanks for his unfailing love, and his wonderful deeds for men...
Whoever is wise, let him heed these things and consider the great love of the Lord."
Psalm 107:1,8,43
Just want to take a moment and remind myself what's truly important. Unfailing love. Something we as humans can't even comprehend. The kind of love that made it possible to sacrifice a son to offer redemption. Thank you, Lord!!


Joyfulheartart said...

Thank you for that combination of verses!
By the way, no need for a picture! LOL I love how his mind works!

In Pursuit of His Call said...

I'm always encouraged when I stop by, especially reading about the family life.

You're just so real, but always so faithful!