Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday Memory - Turning 30

Another fun topic - I turned 30 in December of 2003. Not that long ago, but here's a quick look back...

Iraq was invaded in March, Baghdad fell in April, and Saddam Hussein was captured in December. The American Soldier was names the "Person of the Year" by Time magazine. The Space Shuttle Columbia exploded on Feb 1, killing all 7 astronauts aboard. SARS killed over 700 worldwide.

Norah Jones picked up five grammies, Beyoncé went solo with her "Dangerously in Love" album, and I think we all got tired of hearing "Hey Ya!" by Outkast. Johnny Cash and his beloved June Carter Cash both passed away, as well as Katharine Hepburn, Bob Hope,and Mr. (Fred) Rogers. Pirates of the Caribbean was a smashing success, as well as Finding Nemo and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. The Bennifer pic Gigli didn't do quite so well...

Ugg boots. Monogrammed bags, necklaces, sweaters, etc.

The San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship. Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl. The Williams sisters met up for the Wimbledon final (Serena ultimately winning). Matt Kenseth took home NASCAR's Winston Cup (the last one, as Nextel took over sponsorship in '04 and the points system was overhauled, too).

A first-class postage stamp was 37 cents.

Ah, for the good old days :)

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In Pursuit of His Call said...

Was that 4 years ago when all that stuff happened! My, how time flies so quickly!

I still remember where DearHubby and I were when Johnny Cash died. We were at a motorcycle race in Binghamtom, NY and someone was playing Johnny Cash on their radio and DearHubby pointed it out, "Walk the Line". That's when DearHubby also pointed out that he died. Never really knew much about Johnny Cash until we watched the movie, but apparently, DearHubby is a "semi"-fan and has a few of his singles in our collection. Who knew???

Great tid-bits:)